Best Android Launchers 2019

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Today technology has become so advanced that you can customize anything including your Smartphone User interface. Yes, online there are thousands of android launchers available that one can download to change the dull and boring UI of his/her Smartphone.  From all of them available, there are some best that users must try to get bring their Android Phones an amazing experience and User Interface. Considering the same fact here, we have stated some of the best Android Launchers you can download in 2019 to make your Smartphone more attractive and smooth o use.

List of best Android Launchers in 2019

Nova Launcher 

It is outstanding amongst other launchers you can utilize or your android gadgets. This launcher is quick, effective and lightweight. So as to change the looks and UI of your android gadget you can download the application from Google Play Store. This application will change the UI and home screen of your Smartphone and make it all the more astounding to utilize. As we have expressed that it will change the interface, presently you should feel that “what are the progressions will you get by utilizing this launcher”. All things considered, this launcher, will change the symbol, design, topics, shading and different highlights like textual styles and so forth of your Android gadget.

Microsoft Launcher 

Microsoft Launcher is additionally a smooth and quickest launcher that android clients can download to make their android gadgets wok and look like windows. One home screen is decoded with boards looking like “Google Cards”. This launcher likewise has a component that combines copy contacts. In the event that you need to utilize this launcher in other dialect, it is additionally conceivable as it underpins the multi-dialect feature.


Pinnacle launcher is likewise the best launcher that contains various subjects and symbol packs. To download this great android launcher you may visit Google Play Store. This launcher isn’t accessible for Android Phones yet additionally can be downloaded by Tablet clients. At one time you can include around 09 home screens and the application concealed element is likewise accessible in this launcher. To utilize the further extra highlights you can buy the top notch rendition of this launcher. Pinnacle is additionally one of the quickest Android Launchers accessible.

Google Now Launcher 

Another best Android launcher for your gadget is Google Launcher. The most critical truth about this application is that it is an In-house launcher that is produced by Google itself. On the off chance that you are an android client and unsatisfied with the pre-introduced Android launcher then you are proposed to download this application. This application will assist you with getting the ideal and correct Android encounter.

Brilliant Launcher 3 

Another best launcher for Android is Smart Launcher 3. This launcher utilizes Artificial Intelligence for seeking applications, contacts, and web content. This launcher orders applications as indicated by the classifications. Keen Launcher 3 has a “brilliant kill” highlight that naturally kills the screen at whatever point client drove down the Smartphone. Moreover this launcher likewise has a signal help accessible.

Evie Launcher 

On the off chance that you are searching for a quickest android launcher, you may go for the Evie Launcher. Due to the smoothness there are numerous clients who have changed to this quickest launcher. This launcher accompanies an extraordinary looking component that enables you to look through your applications just by entering their names. Besides, this launcher additionally contains a colossal number of home screens with easy routes and customizations. So as to download the launcher you may visit the Google Play Store. This launcher will furnish you straightforward interface with speed.

Buzz Launcher 

Of you adore customization and need to have stunning highlights in your android gadget then you may download the Buzz Launcher. Because of the interesting details, the Buzz Launcher is otherwise called “Homepack Buzz”. There are in excess of 700,000 home screens that are downloaded by clients. Besides, for cleaning reason this launcher additionally has an application locker and RAM more clean. Just with a basic swipe you can get to a few easy routes. Besides to give live backdrop highlight there is an extra element called “Screen Effects”. This component does not supplant your backdrop but rather includes liveliness impacts your screen like ‘snowfall’ or ‘harvest time leaves’.

ADW Launcher 2 

Another best launcher that is quick, simple to utilize and offer many adjustable particulars is ADW Launcher 2. In this launcher, your interface will change the shading as indicated by the wallpaper you set up.

Subsequently these are the best Android Launchers you can download in 2019 to make your Smartphone UI all the more stunning and smooth. These launchers can be downloaded from Google Play Store. Before downloading these launchers must guarantee that you have enough storage room accessible in your gadget. These launchers will give you best android utilizing background by changing the interface of your gadget and astonishing customizations.

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